Ask most tourism representatives, restaurateurs, and waiters in Old Istanbul to recommend a restaurant, and most will offer Khorasani Ocakbaşı and Kebabhouse. This restaurant has been a part of the Sultanahmet gastronomy scene for many years and is famed for its Turkish BBQ (the ocakbaşı), tender kebabs, and freshly prepared mezes.

While the menu caters to a range of culinary interests, if you want a unique dining experience then ask to pick out your mezes and kebabs from the kitchen counter and have the chef cook your kebab over the BBQ’s open fire inside the restaurant. Another popular dish from the coals of the BBQ is the Testi Kebab. As featured in New Zealand’s World Kitchen TV show, this flavored meat and vegetable casserole is sealed in a clay pot, slowly cooked over the BBQ coals, and cracked open before the eyes of diners. Check out the video under “We in Press” on the Khorasani website for more information about the kebab from Central Anatolia. Khorasani also has a great wine menu and is open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Khorasani Ocakbasi Kebabhouse – Alemdar – İstanbul, İstanbul’da fotoğraflar

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Khorasani Grill House – İstanbul

Khorasani Grill House, Cağaloğlu, İstanbul; Khorasani Grill House Mekan Fotoğrafları Zomato’da